Content Writing Strategy: Fundamental Features of C.O.N.T.E.N.T.

Have you ever visited random websites with different business types? If you notice, there is a blog site on their web page. Well, in this content, you will learn the importance of a blog on your online presence.

Writing is a skill, but you need to enhance this when it comes to content writing or blogging in the digital business industry. It will challenge your creativity and delivery of information to your readers.

Before we begin, I would like to present the famous quotes about content writing from well-known digital marketers worldwide who inspire a lot of aspiring content writers.

Content Writing Strategy of Avanish Kaushik
Content Writing Strategy of Ann Handley
Content Writing Strategy of Brian Clark

Who are the content writers, and what is content writing?

Content writing is another form of writing. People who perform this kind of job are called content writers. It is a production of content on various websites, depending on the niche and targeted keywords. If you have a passion for writing, it’s easy for you to produce content writing.

Content Writing and its importance

Accessories for website

If you visit random websites, some have a blog page as accessories to their online presence. Aside from accessories, you will figure out its importance if you keep reading in this section.

Vital structure for local SEO

Have you ever read the different articles on the Google search engine? You probably look for the nearest and top-rank results. If you notice, some articles or blogs have bunches of keywords repeated in paragraphs, sentences, or even in conclusion. This is the power of local SEO or search engine optimization. Keywords from blogs help to increase the visibility of the website through organic traffic.

Valuable information for readers

It is essential to provide any information to your readers from your content writing. Your primary goal is to educate the readers about the topic in the headlines or titles. If you aim to promote your business in doing content marketing, you have to give information about the product, services, or business.

Strategy for digital marketing

Content writing is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies. Imagine yourself as a sales personnel doing sales communication talk with your customer; you give information about the products or services you offer. You are using the persuasive technique to affect your customer’s purchasing decisions. Same as content writing, it is the written version of sales communication talk.

C.O.N.T.E.N.T. adjectives needed for your content writing

Content Writing Strategy 1

C for creative

Writing content measures your creativity in delivering a message. You can use an acronym just like this, metaphorical descriptive phrases, rhyming, sayings, captivating quotes from famous personalities, using sexy words, and other content writing strategies.

O for original

Of course, one of the basic rules of content writing or other forms of writing is to avoid copycats. Make your unique writing style and be original. Most content writers use plagiarism tools to scan if there has a similarity of phrases from other websites.

N for notable

Efficient content writing can leave a notable message from the readers. Most content writers use captivating phrases in the content, leaving a memoizable reading experience from the readers. You can make an iconic phrase using your creativity and originality skills.

T for tactical

Content writers do plan before composing a blog post. They usually make an appropriate title and outline as a hierarchic guide for their content writing.

E for engaging

Effective content writing is always bringing an engagement. It builds a visual connection between content writers and readers. In creating your content, you should talk to your readers through questioning, storytelling, call for action, and other writing strategies.

N for neat

Content writers must ensure the readability of their works. It depends on their text format, flow, and the hierarchy of ideas. Excellent content enables the reader to skim and scan while reading the whole topic.

T for tasty

Your content should have charismatic substances that bring excitement to the readers, making them read from the title to the bottom of your content.

C.O.N.T.E.N.T. writing rule

Suppose you are an aspiring content writer who desires to achieve efficient and catchy content on your websites. Here are some helpful guides on how to enhance your content writing on blog posts.

Remember this C.O.N.T.E.N.T. rule:

Content Writing Strategy 2

C stands for Content quality

High-quality content is essential to the website and for local SEO. The quality of your content depends on how you deliver the message, valuable information, and readability. I recommend you to use c.o.n.t.e.n.t. adjectives for compelling content.

O stands for Optimized keywords

The most challenging part of content writing is keyword insertion. The more you insert the targeted keywords, the merrier getting a chance to earn organic traffic and high-ranking positions. It depends on your writing strategy on how you insert multiple targeted words. Some content writers put their targeted keywords per paragraph or every other sentence.

N stands for Niche relevance

Aside from the number of keywords, another challenging part for most content writers, especially beginners, is the niche relevance. It takes a lot of effort to research the unfamiliar business website you are writing to understand and know more about how it works.

T stands for Tipful information

If you are not familiar with the word “tipful,” Urban Dictionary defined it as a tip pack of inspiration and motivation. Meaning, content writing should contain guiding information to the readers and catch a lesson from the topic.

E stands for Expressive thoughts

Descriptive and elaborative content delivers detailed messages or information to the readers. Expressive thoughts can serve as visual communication tools for content writers. 

N stands for Number of words

Numerous words used in your content can stand out on higher rankings in search engines. The highest rankings from search engine results contain 2,000 plus above words. They are using this writing technique to achieve more targeted keywords for effective local SEO.

T stands for Targeted audience

Know your targeted audience before you start writing content. Sometimes young readers take time to understand the message of the content because of the complex words used. Try to simplify your usage of words for the plus points of the readability of your content.

Content Writing Strategy: The Bottom Line

Good content requires efficient content writing strategies. Famous entrepreneurial writers like Brian Clark, Ann Handley, and Avinash Kaushik impact a thousand readers, aspiring content writers, and digital marketers worldwide through their informative content and writing skills. Your creativity, originality, and other adjectives stated above combined with the rules will make your content stand out.

Let me end this by saying a famous quote:

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