My Writing Journey: How Did I Start As A Copy and Content Writer?

Amid the global pandemic, we are all stuck in our house just to follow safety protocols for the sake of our health.

It’s been five months since I left my last job. Yet, it became more difficult to find new job opportunities due to nationwide quarantine. I felt hopeless and worried about my insurance bills at the same time.

Out of the blue, the chat head of my messenger popped up. I received a message from someone, asking if I became a content writer before.

To be honest, I don’t have any work experience in that kind of field, so I told him frankly but I’ll give it a try.

Afterward, I sent an email and their OM responded promptly. I was asked to write a blog sample for their website. Then, I accepted and did what they required.

Fast forward,…

Feeling doubt was arising, I thought they would reject my submitted blog samples. 

I was lying on my bed, wondering when I will get a job again. My hopefulness turned into happiness when I saw the congratulatory email on my phone.

Immediately opened my inbox, it was from the company congratulating me and stating that I am now a part of their team.

It was all unexpected from the start. 

The one who offered me a job? We became close friends now. I thanked him sincerely for saving me from being jobless.

Unlocking new skills is one of the greatest personal accomplishments I’d ever had.

Even though I don’t have any experience in content writing, I was so lucky because of these reasons:

1. Being an ESL teacher before contributed to some writing benefits.

2. Writing DIY outputs and projects during high school and college.

3. English was my favorite subject when I was a student.

4. Learned from our psychology subject which is technical writing.

5. Playing scrabble and other word games enhance my vocabularies.

It helped me a lot. Thanks to my versatile mind who can adapt easily.

It was my first time to work in a freelance job, or also known as “work from home”.

Now, continuing as a copy and content writer in a digital company.

This kind of industry keeps me exploring the different digital marketing styles in various niche businesses which gave me an idea of what to have and to do in the future.

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