My Writing Journey: Entering the World of Blogging

I am currently working as a copy and content writer from a digital company somewhere in Canada, and my intention for this well-known blogging website is to make my personal website for showcasing my work portfolio.

Even though it’s not all finished yet, too many things to add and customize in designing my website to look more professionally presentable.

Another intention is I want to express my idea through writing. As an introvert person, it is easy for me to elaborate on my thoughts and knowledge by blogging.

Although I tried filming myself and do the “vlogging” kind of stuff, I think it’s not suitable for me since I am a “shy type” girl and not confident enough in public speaking. So here it is.

I will use my spare time in creating blog content here in WordPress.

Pop art young nerd woman with beanie hat and glasses on colorful pink and blue pastel colors background frame ,vector illustration graphic design.

Also, I want to build my brand name “Sammy Jassy” and turn my introvert into an inspirational influencer.

Maybe this will be my stepping stone journey until I reach it to the top.

(Yes, I’m claiming it!)

Many local and international famous bloggers’ copy and content writers inspired me so much through their popular works.

Since I am a newbie here in WordPress, there are so many unfamiliar things that I want to learn.

Any tips and suggestions for content creation, I will appreciate it so much. Looking forward to it. Thanks!

PS: Thank you to all followers for following me, it’s a simple act of showing kindness and support. You guys add my confidence and gave me a reason to post more blogs. 🙂

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