Fountain of Youth

It was an ordinary day at the gym, no different for the past ten years that I have been working out. But as I was doing the elliptical, something caught my attention.

The monitor kept repeatedly flashing notes or details. “choose wellness, choose exercise, choose mental wellness, choose long life, choose exercise.”

Something gave a spark of an idea to my mind and has answered a question that I wasn’t able to answer days ago.

I was on a taping for a movie when my colleague asked me how old I am. I just smiled and answered, “I am 42.” Then, they were pretty surprised and asked me what my secret is to look younger, lol.

Throughout the day, I was asked more than once the same question. But unfortunately, All I could answer was just a sweet smile. As for the “secret,” I can’t find any reply at all. But after that day at the gym, I finally realized the answer, regular exercise.

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Choose wellness, choose an exercise.

Wellness is the state of being healthy in body and mind. It is essential for overall well-being. I have been a gym rat and couldn’t live a day without exercising for a decade or two of my existence. Exercise gives me fuel to start my day on the right track. It kept me motivated in doing my daily chores and responsibilities and kept me active and focused on what I have to achieve in a day. 

Now then, I recognized that doing this has kept me detoxified. I was able to sweat out all the harmful chemicals from my food intake. It kept my mind energized and function healthily. It released me from the state of depression as it helps stimulate the release of “feel-good” brain chemicals.

Studies show that exercise is beneficial to an individual’s mental health improvement, increasing self-esteem, improving cognitive function, enhancing self-efficacy, and social interaction. Aside from these mental advantages, I have also listed several benefits below.

Benefits of being physically active

The Health benefit we can get from physical activities are as follows:

  • Improved sleep – sleep deprivation is not suitable for the body. It causes a physiological state known as fatigue.
  • Better endurance- Having better endurance and stamina can increase your productivity. It gives you fuel to finish up your daily task with lesser strain on your body and mind.
  • Stress relief – Exercise is known to reduce stress. It is the best outlet to improve your mood, diverting negative feelings or thoughts into positive ones.
  • Fatigue minimizers – It can reduce tiredness that can increase mental alertness in daily physical activities such as exercise, programs for your body to endure other physical stresses that you may encounter throughout the day. Since you are already accustomed to physical activities, you improve your stamina and endurance, thus reducing tiredness.
  • Weight reduction – study shows that overweight and obese individuals are more susceptible to mental illnesses and other complications caused by obesity.
  • Reduced cholesterol level and improve cardiovascular fitness – regular exercise helps lower cholesterol levels. Cholesterol is a fatty substance in our blood. If it is too much, it clogs and affects blood circulation, increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

The numerous benefits that encompass regular exercise also contribute to the longevity of an individual’s life. Thus, we don’t need to go out of our way trying to find the “fountain of youth.”

 Once we make exercise to be part of our life, we retain and maintain our youthful self, in body and mind. It is not even a “secret” because science and studies have been solid proof. We just have to make it not only a habit but our lifestyle. 

Having said all of these, If anyone tries to approach and ask me again about “my secret”? I’d simply say, “Choose wellness, choose exercise!”

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