Resurrected: My Story of Near-Death Experience

Has any of you ever experienced near-death? Or have they gone for a while and then came back to life again? Well, for sure, not many of you have experienced such. But for me, I have! And it is something worth telling my grandchildren for their bedtime stories.

Here’s the story of my near-death experience

About a decade ago, something miraculous happened in my life. As I was standing beside the grocery shop, my mom noticed many ants climbing up the wall where I was leaning to.

Afraid that I might get bitten and have rashes, my mother took the insecticide from the stock room and sprayed it it at the wall almost near my face. As I inhaled the fumes, I started to get allergic reactions. My face and whole body turned red,, and I began to have difficulty in breathing. I almost fainted.

Feeling nervous at that time, my father ran to the nearby Baranggay hall to find help in rushing me to the nearest hospital. The Baranggay Captain had me taken to the hospital using their official mobile vehicle. At the hospital, I was attended by the attending physician on that day. They checked the vitals, and then I was ordered to lay down on the ER bed.

After a few minutes, the doc injected me with meds for allergies. Wondering how fast things had happened, I patiently waited for what’s was going to be next. I endured the injection pain while observing the coming in and out of patients at the ER. Not a good sight, though.

 The unpleasant sight at the ER room and the panics and commotions had made me very uncomfortable after an hour of just lying down and waiting. I decided to ask the doctor if there is a need for me to be admitted to the hospital ward. The doctor then replied that it is unnecessary and that I can go home right away after settling everything.

After hearing the good news, I called my father and told him to settle everything so we can leave hurriedly and go home. They paid the bills; I then walked out of the emergency room and waited for the barangay mobile vehicle at the hospital’s entrance.

While waiting, I suddenly felt dizzy. I saw everything as if it’s spinning. “Pa, I feel dizzy!” those were my last words before I blacked out.

The next thing I knew, I saw myself sitting beside my then two children sleeping. I was staring at them while they were sound asleep. Looking at every detail of their faces. Trying to remember every angle of their cute little face.

While staring, I talked to them as if they were awake. “Please be good, ha? always be obedient children, look after each other and always remember to be nice to people.” I talked to them, leaving my last words as vivid as I remembered, for I knew that I am going for good and will not come back.

As I stared once more and touched their faces, I heard the loud voice of my mom calling out my name in a panicky tone of voice. She was shouting and shouting so loud, calling me out. “Grace! Grace!”. Irritated, I then stood up and saw myself walking away from my kids to check on my mom from behind me.

Lo and behold! The next thing I knew was that I saw myself going back to my body. I saw myself lying down on the operating table, lifeless. I went back to my dead body and felt the loud thug!.

I opened my eyes, and I saw a very bright light as I opened my eyes. I asked my mom, “Ma, where am I?” My mom could not say a word. She was just crying and crying. Clueless,

I held my hand up, and I saw that my fingernails were purple. It looks like the nails of a dead body. Only then that I realized what has transpired, I was gone for a while!

A split second of death and the hospital staff were trying to revive me. I went out of my body to bid farewell to my kids! The hair all over my body stood up. I can’t believe I had just experienced the so-called “near death”.

I can’t believe I almost left my family. Now then I realized how important they were to me. And how important I was to them as well, gauging from the flood of tears my mom shed. It felt that I was reborn.

I was given a second chance. I was resurrected. I felt so thankful to God that I am here now, sharing my story with you. I felt so grateful to be resurrected that I was able to see my children graduated from college.

The experience taught me a lot. It showed me a glimpse of how short life is. And that we should make every moment count with our beloved. It taught me the meaning of life and love, a lesson worth celebrating each time Easter Sunday comes.

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