How to Stay Positive Amidst a Negative Environment

In this new millennial world where everyone is expected to be perfect, where freedom of speech is over-exercised, where social media becomes the norm, and everyone’s life is based on the perfection it projects, the world becomes more creping with negative minds and negative people. It becomes more challenging to survive in a world full of negativity.

Waking up in the morning with all the negative news on tv, rants and media bashers, political indifferences, the pandemic, and problems that come with it, it’s like a nightmare! But would you let these negative vibes affect you? Hell no! You are responsible for how you would react in every situation. You have complete control. 

Here are some helpful tips on how you can manage to stay positive despite any situation:

Tips on How to Stay Positive in Negative Environment

Start your day by being grateful 

Just like your daily dose of coffee or tea, make it a point to utter some grateful words before you start your day. Thank God for even just a small thing. Thank God for waking you up, for the food at your table, for having breakfast with your loved ones. A dose of gratitude can get you a long way.

Be mindful of your environment.

Observe your environment. Yes, there will be toxicity everywhere. But you can train your mind to ditch the negative vibes and focus on the positive. For example, a family member is shouting early in the morning, ranting about the chores. You can choose how to react, don’t focus on what she’s yelling.

It will definitely affect your mood the whole day. Instead, find something to do to give your focus to stay calm and positive. Well, just go to the garden and water those lovely plants. Nature is giving us the best soothing experience.

Avoid negative thinking    

We are often exposed to negative situations and people in our lives, negative news when watching TV or listening to the radio and even social media. It seems very difficult to avoid these kinds of situations, but if we let them affect us. What’s going to happen to us?

We usually attract what we think. So if you keep thinking about negative thoughts, that’s what you are likely to attract and create to your life. If you keep thinking about negative situations, problems, disasters, subconsciously, that is what your mind is expecting. So be careful of your thoughts and maintain a positive mindset always.

Get enough sleep and rest.

Practice having enough sleep and rest. When you’re exhausted and tired, there’s a tendency for you to get irritated easily, frustrated, and a lot easier to become negative. So it would be best if you find time to rest so you can relax your mind. That goes with proper sleep too.

Be around with positive people

Bring more positivity to your life by being around positive people. Read more positive articles or quotes, watch entertaining and inspiring movies. Try to be active and do things that bring happiness to your life. All these can contribute to a healthy and positive mindset. Always remember, positivity is contagious.

Final thoughts

Setbacks will always be part of our lives, and changes, especially tragic ones like breakups or unexpected death, will throw us off our feet. But when we are trained to be “response-able” or react positively to every challenge we face, no tragedy, difficulty, or problem could ever bring us down. Learn to take control of our thoughts and be “response-able.”

8 Responses

  1. Great post. I have stopped watching news as it is filled with negativity these days. Thanks for sharing.

  2. These are such great tips! Mindset is everything and makes all the difference in how we respond to what is going on around us. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Some very helpful tips here! It’s so easy to get into a negative space in our heads given everything that’s happening, but it is also important for us to take care of out mental health

  4. Thanks for the reminder! I personally struggle with maintaining a healthy sleep schedule, especially now that I’m working from home and my bedroom is also my office! I’ve been sleeping very late and waking up early so throughout the day, my head constantly spins. ????

  5. I usually sleep it off whenever I feel exhausted and not force myself to continue – like a reset button. I’d like to accomplish things knowing I’m in the right state of mind.

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