From Breakups to Breakthroughs-the Journey to Recovery

Yes, It’s over. Yes, it’s broken, and indeed it’s painful! But would you rather stay in that awful feeling? And hide in that depression shell?

‘Or should you start to change the breakup to a breakthrough? I know it isn’t that simple. But it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. You just gotta do it one step at a time.

Ways to Recover From Failed Relationships

Here are some helpful tips to get you through that painful separation and start your journey to recovery:

1. Give Yourself Time and Space

 Indeed emotions are probably still intense after the breakup. It’s a mixture of pain, anger, and depression. Though it isn’t healthy to uphold sentiments, It sometimes helps if we let ourselves some time off on our own away from anyone to release and express the suppressed feelings.

You can cry it out or even shout out loud if you have to. We need to process these intense emotions, but we don’t need to do it publicly. Sometimes, the people around us who love us too can get hurt when they see us suffer. So it’s best to process the emotions within ourselves first. Talk when you’re ready.

2. Keep Yourself Busy

A good diversion is the best way to keep ourselves busy, not to give time to think about the negative emotions. Find something to do, like go to the gym. Exercising helps produce “feel good” hormones, so you’d feel better at the end of the day, aside from the physical benefits it can give you.

3. Do Not Listen To Sad Music

Some may not agree with me but based on personal experience, listening to love songs and sad music is a no-no as it freshens up the memories and adds hurt to the wound. However, some prefer to find solace in the music itself.

4. Find A Support Group

This is the time where you badly need a support group. It can be your family or your friends. They can give you a neutral and better perspective in terms of relationships. They can help you analyze patterns and behaviors, which can help you determine the ominous signs of future relationships. 

Also, they can give you a boost on your self-esteem. It is best to know that we get love from our family and friends too, and not only from the one we have a relationship with.

5. Seek Professional Help

Sometimes, if it is too much to handle, we must not shy away from seeking professional help. Talk to a psychologist; they can enlighten you and help you cope with the situation faster and easier. Or, if the depression is too deep, you must see a psychiatrist help you boost your serotonin levels.

6. Get Yourself Some Help-Care or Self-Improvement Activities.

I know we will be in our worst mood after the breakup. These are the times when you would not care about yourself. You will neglect yourself, couldn’t even comb your hair, or lose touch to make ourselves presentable. But please, don’t do that. This is the crucial moment when we have to focus on ourselves and give ourselves our one hundred percent care, love, and attention.

Go to the salon, change your hairstyle, change your hair color. Improve your overall looks. Please don’t give your ex the benefit of seeing you like a rag after the breakup. Focus, make them regret and see what they’re missing out on.

7. Meet New People

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a date. You just got to get out. Go to places, new environment and meet new friends. Socialize. But be careful not to jump yet to a new relationship. Rebounding is very risky. Just give yourself some time to have fun and enjoy.

8. Pray to God

It isn’t easy to control our emotions. Sometimes, it’s too great that others become depressed and resort to suicidal thoughts. Dont entertain those thoughts. The best thing to do when you’re feeling super down and hopeless is to pray. Talk to God. And offer him everything in prayer. You may think that He doesn’t hear you, but He listens and He knows what you’re going through. 

Sometimes, we may not understand why things happen for now. But trust that in the future, you will be enlightened. Who knows, It might b a blessing in disguise! Just keep strong and keep the faith.

Last Thoughts

A relationship breakup can be challenging. But only you can help yourself turn the bad situation into a better one. Recovery may take some time, depending on the gravity of the problem.

But the longer you dwell on the pain, the longer you linger on the negative feelings, the longer it will take you to where you should be – The road to recovery. The journey isn’t easy. Take one step at a time, it may be slow, but you will reach where you have to be.

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