Book Review: Sinful Goddess Affair

With an increasing number of exciting stories that explore various aspects of sexuality, it is also providing social commentary and a thorough exploration of human feelings and personalities. Indulge your secretive sensual side, sneak a peek at other main character’s lives, and determine the complex pleasure of human existence.

A book collection is a great place to start for a new adult fiction reader. The brevity of each story allows the reader to feel a sense of the author’s writing style, and the plot does not have to be complicated. 

So, if you’re sick of the typical sweet romance story and searching for some sexually exciting and burning dominance-fueled book chapters other than Intense Affection, this book will be the “must-read” for you. 

Book Title: Sinful Goddess Affair
Written by: Azaeah Eunice
Language: English
Genre: Erotic Romance

 Here’s the story blurb:

STELLVESTER is a well-known sculptor worldwide with wood and mud as his medium. His hands can create all the images man can imagine except for one thing, a statue of a beautiful naked woman. 

Nude art has captured his imagination for a long time, but something has kept him from doing so and doing such with a nude model because, for him, it feels awkward.

He’s not the typical guy you meet in nightclubs who seek solace with different women, that’s why Stell was shocked when he saw Maricar naked.

He’s simply seeking someone who resembles Maria Clara, a famous Filipino novel character, the purity and innocence of a Filipina that he can showcase to the world. Still, the woman in front of him is a different goddess — a sinful goddess.

Bind by the legal contract with his model, his trusted lawyer, his best friend, made a nude art contract instead of Maria Clara to get his revenge. And there is no turning back for Stell and Maricar.

How far will a single work of art take the sculptor and the model? Is it only the sculptor and model who intervenes in them, or there’s more than that?

Got excited to find out what will happen next?

You can read the whole chapter at Sofanovel.

About the author

  Eunice Echaure, aka Azaeah Eunice, is my childhood friend in our province. Actually, I met her during the extracurricular rehearsal activities when I was in grade school. She is an aspiring Filipino writer and vlogger, which I admire the most for her lowkey achievements.

Eunice wrote various fictional stories in different genres, which were published mainly on Wattpad. She also has almost three thousand subscribers on YouTube. If you wish to see her latest ebook release and YouTube vlogs updates, follow her on Facebook Page! 🙂

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