Book Review: Intense Affection

Reading the whole book will give you some “strong cravings” for every new chapter of the story. As the genre suggests, I swear you will feel some exciting romantic feelings as both characters act and speak.

 At the same time, the story climax triggered my curiosity, wanting me to look through part two of the story, lol. So if you are looking for some thrilling, intense romantic fictional stories to read, you must check this out! And add it to your reading lists!

Book Blurb:

Saiki’s life was in danger. She doesn’t know if that has anything to do with the death of her parents. She just woke up one day; someone is already threatening her life.

With that tragedy, she was left in the care of her Uncle Rod, who now manages her parent’s abandoned business. And being busy running their business, her uncle decided to give her a guard who would protect her from danger.

She expected a lady guard, but her uncle sent a good-looking, muscular, and mysterious man, Qpid Henares.

Having a guy bodyguard was really hard for Saiki because every single day had passed, she becomes more attractive to him, even though she couldn’t see his entire face because of the mask he’s wearing. And she knew behind that mask was a handsome man. A man who seems to awaken the desire she doesn’t think she has.

“If you really want to kiss me, just wear that thing, baby. So that you can kiss me, touch me, and make love to me all day, all night.”

But the day she learned to love Qpid was also the day she found out all his secrets. What weighed the most to Saiki— desire to seek justice, hatred, or love?

Read the full story at Stary Writing to find out what happens next!

Here are the brief details about the book:

Book Title: Intense Affection
Written by: Azaeah Eunice
Genre: Erotic, Action, Romance
Language: English

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