Being Logophile: It All Started From Playing Scrabble

Playing any kind of word game is one of my favorite things to do. It’s either word hunt, Hangman, Boggle, Word Stacks, crossword puzzles, connect the letters, and so on.

Most people find it boring, but for me? it’s fun and very challenging.

Scrabble is my most favourite board game of all. Also, the cherishable childhood moments I’d ever had with my grandmother.

Here’s an impressive story behind it.

She is the one who taught me how to play scrabble and strategize on placing strong words to get higher scores.

It also helped me to explore more unfamiliar words resulting in vocabulary expansion.

At a young age, I became interested in playing this kind of stuff.

Every time we spend a vacation at her house, mostly in summer, my grandmother and I always have a good time playing our favorite board game.

Until I grew up and used to participate in the celebration of sports festivals during my college days, the precious learnings from her made me win the game.

The result? From freshman to senior, I got four gold medals in every four consecutive years

I have always wanted to try joining a local scrabble competition. Unfortunately, it was hard to find where to compete since it was not a common board game.

However, playing scrabble leaves lifelong benefits to myself including health and ability development.

So what are they?

  • It helps me to discover new vocabularies
  • It makes my memory to enhance
  •  It improves my creativity
  • It develops my concentration
  • It boosts my intellectual abilities
  • It teaches me a strategy
  • It gains my inner confidence

And every time my friends invite me to play with them, showing my unbelievable hidden talent never fails to impress them.

Out of the blue, my realizations came up, claiming that I am the type of person who loves words. Yes, a “logophile” ones 

In fact, When I get bored, I use my creativity to play with words by writing them out on my sketch pad for fun.

I make puns, rhyming words, jargon, haikus, poems, quotes, and other wordful inventions.

Way back then, remembering my moment as an ESL teacher, presenting the “word of the day” is how I start the discussion with my Korean students.

Moreover, being a logophile person also helped my current job as a content writer in many ways, such as structuring sexy descriptive words, strategizing keyword insertions, innovative article development, and so on.

From playing scrabble to becoming a logophile person. A sincere big thanks to my loving grandmother for the wonderful learnings from you.

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