About us

Hi there! Thank you for visiting my website. By the way, my real name is Samantha Jasmine. But please call me Sammy Jassy; I prefer to hear my unique screen name rather than calling the real one. I am an aspiring Filipino writer who loves to play with words such as combining words, jargoning words for fun, rhyming, making a poem, etc. Playing scrabble and word games is one of my favorite hobbies.

For instance, I made this website, as a blogging platform, to express my thoughts, knowledge, and personal experience.

I have also provided informative articles about the wellness and wellbeing topics to help individual to improve their lifestyle.

Lastly, I just want to say it’s my pleasure to meet you. I truly mean it from the bottom of my heart. Anyways, I hope you will be part of our blogging journey with my mom by simply getting updates regularly. Thank you very much!

My Co-Author

Hi! I’m Jhunie Grace, but I prefer to be called Jhunie. Because for me, it sounded strong and it’s my parent’s combined name. The name Grace was because I am their first gift of God. As my name said, I’m a strong single mother of three and have managed.

Moulded through years of experience, I have been putting up with the constant rain, yet I’ve seen a lot of rainbows too. I’m now enjoy writing and sharing these experiences with you and some of the life lessons I’ve learned. I hope some of you can resonate. Forget about the mistakes but always remember the life lessons to surpass all hard knocks over the years.

  1. Mobile Photography
  2. Star and Moongazing
  3. Watching Sunsets
  4. Reading Nonfiction Books
  5. Playing with Pets
  6. Listening to Music
  7. Learning with Podcasts
  8. Nature Strolling
  9. Food Exporiations
  10. Doing Fitness Routine
  11. Travel and Wander
  12. Browsing in Social Media